Cinema Info

Click here to download the “Cinema Setup Information” document.

Some helpful information regarding cinema operation in New Zealand
For information regarding cinema fit-outs, equipment and technical requirements and the
possible supply of first/second run product, please find below a list of contacts that can help
with your questions.

Supply of films to screen:
The Motion Picture Distributors’ Association (MPDA) is a non-profit organisation which
represents major international film distributors and coordinates the distribution of their motion
pictures throughout New Zealand.

For supply of MPDA member’s films, you will need to contact the appropriate NZ contact

  • Sony Pictures(09) 361-9300
  • Walt Disney Studios(09) 361-9300
  • 20th Century Fox(09) 309 0955
  • Paramount Pictures(09) 379-6269
  • Universal Pictures(09) 379-6269
  • Warner Bros(09) 820-8889

Please note that there are other film distributors in NZ such as STUDIOCANAL, Rialto,
Madman and Pinnacle to name a few. Contact details for local representatives can be
found on the internet.

Supply of cinema equipment:
The following two companies are fully conversant with the NZ film industry and provide
the majority of digital cinema projection equipment:

Audio Visual Equipment Ltd.
(09) 534-9313

Edge Digital Technology
(09) 280-3270